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October 10, 2007



People do have different perceptions about China and Chinese in general. Chinese just want to survive so they will do whatever it takes to win your business. However, communication can be challenge if you are not familiar with the culture. Good job summarizing your trip.

Todd Vernon

Great chart.. What are they filling the bongs with?

Boyd Jones

Be very careful with toothpaste bought in China. I hope you've read about the tainted toothpaste. Best not to let your children or anyone use toothpaste manufactured in China. Need me to share some of the news items with you?


I'm sure the bongs are being filled with green tea.

In the past year, I know two people who have founded businesses with a Chinese manufacturing component. I have a Chinese friend who wants me to join his software outsourcing business. I have a friend who returned after two years teaching in Hong Kong. I worked on a theatrical production exploring the rise of modern China. And just learned the director of that production is involved in a missionary organization that was recently run out of a Chinese town by the army.

All of the different perspectives are fascinating. Thanks Paul!

Cameron Schaefer

Cheap beer and ping pong...sounds like all you really need for a successful trip! There is so much written about China today it is nice to see it from more of a ground-level perspective. Excellent information, thanks!

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