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December 10, 2007


Micah Baldwin

In early 2000 I worked for a small startup in Emeryville, who merged with a company in Buffalo. Neither company had a name that would have worked, so we spent several weeks coming up with a new name. The favorite of the Emeryville group included Current Wisdom, which the new CEO hated (he went with the stereotypical dot com name of the day). So I paid $35 and registered the domain name.

I used it in my consulting business, and when my search company launched in 2003, I continued to use the name. When I sold the company in 2007, I negotiated to keep the name.

So, seven years later, my naming adventure cost me $35.

But, man, your story is so much better than mine...

Wait - so what's the lesson here? Don't have god email backup systems? Don't send emails for attorney communications, use the phone instead?


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